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What they’re saying…

We know it may be difficult to believe all the benefits we claim by listening just to us, but here are some comments from those who have been wearing our gear and platform.


I love the belt! I have to keep checking to see if I have my radio on my belt because I cannot even feel it and it’s not  constantly moving all around like it’s done for 25 years (and I didn’t even realize it.)  My full-time officers are looking forward to having belts like mine and we will be doing that as soon as we enter into the fiscal year. Thanks again.

Chief Pat Hedlund

Newaygo, MI Police Dept


I’ve had the Duckbill platform for about 2 weeks now, and this truly is an amazing system! I’m not an old guy by  any means, almost 23 yrs. old, but the belt I had before was causing lower back pains already. The difference in  weight, and the distribution of that weight, is phenomenal, and has greatly reduced back pains so far. I work in a small department, and I take call time before every shift. The lack of need for belt keepers has to be one of my favorite parts. When I had to deal with belt keepers and snaps, it’d take up to 10 minutes to get dressed and in the car, now it takes 5 at the most.

I no longer have to spend time putting on the keepers (and when you’re woke up by the phone, it can seem like a daunting task), and there’s no time spent checking to make sure all my gear is positioned correctly on the belt.

It also makes it easier for times when the belt has to come off to use the restroom. I would suggest this system to anyone who’s serious in the field of law enforcement, and definitely to those who work in small departments and have to take call time. Thanks again!

Officer Curt Arnold

Baker, MT Police Dept


Good stability and so far all pieces have kept their shape, appearance and stitching.

Due to my severe back injury and on going physical therapy, the light weight belt has helped a great deal.

I don’t have the pain I used to after wearing my leather. Not sure if comfort will ever be a word I use when wearing a gun belt but your product has helped me stay upright and working.  It took a little while to get the right sized belt but when I did it was easy to switch over.  I am very satisfied with the product.

Deputy Peggy Stahl

Washoe County, NV Sheriff Dept


The equipment is stable and stays in place. I really like the platform and how the equipment doesn’t move. I have used the equipment in a detention setting and in a patrol setting. It feels more secure then the traditional Sam Brown belt because items don’t slide around. I remember having to adjust cuff cases, radio, OC, and other items on a pretty regular basis. This new belt is nice as the equipment doesn’t move around. It is very comfortable and has been quite a difference from my original Sam Brown belt that I have worn since the academy. It is much less weight and easier on my back than the older equipment. I have noticed that I have had less lower back pain since I came back to a uniformed assignment and had to wear a duty belt again since using the new gear. I think that the stability, as mentioned above, makes a huge difference. It’s nice not having to readjust everything when you get out of the car or chase after someone. I initially was skeptical due to the fit of equipment but have been won over after using it now for a few months. It is definitely surprising the weight difference from traditional belts to your product. I like it… Equipment has held up in a patrol environment which is very important to me. I have also used it in a foot patrol during a couple college football games. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Sergeant Bill Ames

Washoe County, NV Sheriff Dept.


I only have positive comments regarding the Duckbill Duty Gear. The belt and attached accessories weigh significantly less than the traditional leather belt I was using. Due to the firm, snug, secure fit, the accessories do not slide around and the belt’s stability on my waist reduces my lower back pain. I’m 50+ years old and have experienced back pain for MANY years. Within weeks of wearing your equipment, I immediately noticed the difference. Not only do I feel physically better, but the stable fit also makes me feel somehow safer and better equipped to do my job. Also, in terms of ease of use, removing and replacing the belt without the hassle and inconvenience of keepers, makes the Duckbill gear very convenient and easy to use. Another side benefit is that the Duckbill gear is quiet — leather gear squeaks when the belt rubs on the keepers, when the accessories rub on the belt and against each other. I strongly recommend your equipment to police officers. I think the Duckbill gear is fantastic.

Officer Mitchell V. Lenczewski

Troy, MI Police Dept


I have been wearing the gear as a Midnight Shift Supervisor. My duties are both patrol and administrative. I have worn the gear for 12 hour plus shifts and have not had a comfort issue. It is light weight and comfortable. I am able to wear it for extended periods of time without any gear digging in to me or without having to keep pulling up my belt from weight and gear shifting. I have absolutely no recurring back pain since I began wearing my new Duckbill gear. Also as a Motor Officer, I normally end up having to readjust me gear all the time due to it shifting from riding and turning on a motorcycle. I have not had to do that with your gear. As far as administrative duties, we do not normally war our duty gear when on desk duty, however I did have some occasion to do so. I found the gear comfortable and hardly noticeable. If I did take my gear off for desk duty, the

Velcro system was easy and quick to replace if needed. The locking buckle was also easy to use.

Overall I find your gear far superior to my pervious duty belt for comfort. I also think that the weight of the gear was significantly reduced over other systems. The ability to put the gear on and off was better than I have seen with other systems. The pad for the holster was a real improvement and is a well thought out feature.

Sergeant Phil Abdoo

McComb County, MI Sheriff Dept.


I’m on duty with the Duckbill product for 4 years now and I have been working to develop the “Sam Browne” with Mr. Meunier in view of introducing it in my organization. I’m the instructor in use officer for my PD and tactical instructor for the police academy of Quebec (École Nationale de Police du Québec). At first, when Duckbill came in my PD whit the objective of helping the officers’ whit back pain, my principal concern was if it is operational and safe despite its pain relief ability. Me and my partner, Sgt François Pelletier, tested the Duckbill belt in many operational contexts, and Mr. Meunier made some corrections to bring his product to our standards (there three/four years ago). Now, I think the Duckbill belt and pouch is superior to the other products in the industry. Its solidity, toughness, user friendly and safety (in the case of weapon retention) convinced me. The “nytek”, synthetic material used in the manufacture of the belt and pouch, keeps its appearance and is very resistant compared to nylon and leather. My Duckbill belt still looks brand new after 4 years.

Concerning the comfort and the pain relief, for me, it was not a problem but with use, I denote an increase in comfort and release of tensions. We did a test with officers who were suffering from back pain, and all would not return to their old belt (including a police officer who had to put ice after his shift). In addition, Mr. Meunier has worked hard to reduce the size of their pouches and give more space on the belt which is really appreciated by the officers of smaller stature. Currently we are finalizing equiping the whole Department and due to the nature of the product, I was able to get money from a health and safety committee at work in the city who paid a third if the cost (in their selling the prevention of back pain and increased productivity related to comfort the police). Yours faithfully

Sylvain Petit, lieutenant

Quebec province, Sherbrooke PD

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