Modern duty belt for police officer - Duckbill Law

Products specifications

Technical Specifications

Duckbill design and engineering building blocks:

  1. Lightweight, flexible anchoring (inner) belt and pliable, strong, lightweight (outer) patrol belt.
  2. 2. All accessory modules are made from Nytek material.
  3. 3. Full 360° maximum contact cross-linking (MaxCon™) between anchor belt, patrol belt and accessory modules.

Belts and Accessory Modules

The foundation to the Duckbill Law Platform.

The Duckbill duty belt platform employs, like most other rigs, two belts. A 1.6875″ inner or, anchor, belt is Duckbill’s reversible, buckle-less belt and can be worn in a dress or anchor mode. On one side is industrial strength plastic molded – not woven, Velcro®. The other side is lightweight dress leather. The second belt is a 2″ outer, or patrol, belt with Velcro® on the inside facing the anchor belt.

The patrol belt is layered with multiple plies of 6,000 lb test nylon, then overlaid on the outside with a layer of lightweight Nytek material. Nytek is a tough, resilient and pliant synthetic leather impervious to moisture and chemicals. The patrol belt does not require a stiffener insert, so it is pliable in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions. And unlike the keeper concept, Duckbill’s patrol belt and anchor belt interlock to form a single cross-linked unit by way of the Velcro® bond that’s created using belt and modules throughout the full 360° of the users’ waist.

Dress buckle option.

Some agencies desire more of a “dress” style belt. Duckbill offers a plated brass or silver buckle unit that has a faux buckle adhered to the standard hard plastic buckle.

Accessory modules.

Each of Duckbill’s accessory modules are also equipped with hook, and loop, industrial strength Velcro® which cross-links with both the Velcro® on the anchor and the patrol belts.

The modules by virtue of the belt-width Velcro® impart their strength and stability to the belt. Multiplied 5, 6 or 8 times by the number of modules carried, the patrol belt’s stability as a platform is solid without being rigid. The Duckbill accessory modules’ docking technology not only keep the patrol belt stable, but the modules are also easy to readjust and interchange.

Finishes available.

Each of Duckbill’s accessory modules and patrol belt are available in a high gloss finish, a matte finish or in a basketweave finish. The standard color is black for all finishes, however, certain other color options can be met on a custom basis.


Available closures.

All of Duckbill closed-top modules are available in four closure options:

  1. Snap on the outside with a snap closure.
    2. Snap on the outside with Velcro® closure.
    3. Clean outside with a hidden snap closure.
    4. Clean outside with hidden Velcro® closure.

All the snaps on Duckbill modules are available in plated nickel, brass or gray.

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