Modern duty belt for police officer - Duckbill Law


A revolutionnary belt

Duckbill’s innovative Max-Con™ docking technology allows the duty belt to be made more flexible than traditional belts. This patented docking platform is at the core of our ergonomic innovation.

Research & Development

Strong of over 5 years in Research & Development , Duckbill Law has obtained a patent in the United States of America and in Canada for its ergonomic belts and duty gears. The Duckbill Duty Belt is fabricated in Canada and is built with multiple layers of 4000 pounds test web nylon, then covered with a layer of synthetic leather.  The synthetic leather is a tough, resilient and flexible material resistant to moisture and chemicals. Our patrol belt does not require a stiffener insert, thus offering both vertical and horizontal flexibility. Unlike the keeper concept, Duckbill’s patrol and anchor belts interlock to form a single cross-linked unit with Velcro bond, created with the full 360 degrees use of the officer’s waist.

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