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Reduce the pain increase the gain

The facts :

A 2011 report showed 86% of the participating law enforcement officers reported having lower back problems, ranging from occasional back pain (55%) to experiencing it often (25%) or daily (10%).1

Employees with back problems cost 76% more to employ.2

In 2009, total workers’ compensation costs for bakc pain equaled $ 11.4 billion.3

$1 spent on direct medical back pain costs requires $ 4 more spent on indirect costs such as productivity loss, rehiring, retraining and overtime.4

Average number of back-related days-away-from-work (DAFW) is 9 per year per patient with law enforcement personnel at an incident rate that is 3.15 times higher.5

Musculoskeletal disorders accounted for 28% of all workplace injuries and illness requiring time away from work in 2009.6

Duckbill will keep LEOs on the job

With relief from painful belt induced back & musculoskeletal problems.

WEIGHT ALLOCATION. Duckbill’s Max-ConTM docking techonology establishes a complete circumferential cross-link around 100% of the waist allowing the whole body to evenly support the gear weight.

FLEXIBILITY. Duckbill’s flexible and lighter patrol belt enables the belt to conform and move with the body reducing or eliminating any impingement.

1-2-3 MODULE DOCKING. Duckbill’s Max-ConTM equipped belt and modules or moving horizontally out of position.

1 Study published by the Journal of Criminal Justice Research (JCJR). 2 National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-2007. 3Bureau of Labour Statistics, Occupationnal Employment and Wage Estimates-2009. 4Employer Measures of Productivity, Absence and Quality (EMPAQ). 5Department of Labor, Nonfatal Occupationnal Injuries and Illness Requirings Days Away From Work (DAFWs)- 2009. 6Departement of Labor- 2010.

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