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Reduce the Pain. Increase the gain.

Health and productivity solutions must keep up with the increasing weight and demands of the duty gear worn by officers today.

The bouncing and shifting gear weight of the law enforcement’s conventional duty belt causes chronic pain, a result of both design and development.  Duckbill Law’s approach is to strategically remedy to the pain.  We firmly believe that any duty belt and accessory strategy must accommodate the user, and not vice versa.

Thus Duckbill’s product development staff, designers and engineers fully understand that there are several body types to accomodate, and a variety of accessories to include on the docking platform, in the most ergonomical way possible. Duckbill is the ultimate advocate of the end-user – the one who seeks to do a full days’ work for a full days’ pay – offering an effective solution as comfortable as possible.

Administrative benefits

Besides advocating the comfort, safety and physical well-being of individual law enforcement professionals in their line of duty, Duckbill also meets the logistical and administrative needs of force management. As a rule of thumb, all forces seek to be adaptative and responsive to its officers and the citizens it serves. But, being responsive and proactive requires a plan, great accountability and effective communication. Duckbill recognizes that if duty gear is to play a role in officers’ effectiveness, then the duty gear is of central and strategic importance to the force.

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