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Duckbill Law is the premium canadian manufacturer of stable, comfortable and highly performing ergonomic duty belts and gear modules for law enforcement officers and agencies.

The continuous and cumulative trauma of improperly worn duty belt on police officers’ musculoskeletal, nervous and circulatory systems is the leading cause of back pain, fatigue and reduced situational awareness. Job performance should never be compromised, and belt-induced pains put an unacceptable strain on police duty, causing delayed reaction time in the thick of battle.  Unchanged for decades, the current duty belt’s is a severe mismatch for today’s workforce ever-increasing weight and productivity demands.

Aimed at law enforcement workforce, the patented Duckbill Law ergonomic duty belt instantly brings comfort, pain relief, safety to law enforcement professionals, enabling them to be highly performing on the job, dealing with mission-critical responsibilities more effectively.

The patented Duckbill Law docking platform links an anchor belt, duty belt and gear modules. Its game-changing Max-Con™ docking technology offers increased flexibility, enhanced stability, and its core ergonomic innovation directly targets kinetic linking, the major pain and discomfort source from prolonged duty belt wear, thus improving musculoskeletal health and circulation, and reducing overall chronic fatigue.

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