It would be whole lot easier if everybody referred to this in the same way. But they don't. It's often referred to by any one, or a combination, of the following terms.

If you're a papermaker you'll probably call it a paper slabber, slabbing tool, paper stripper, paper knife, paper plow, reel skinner, slabber knife, reel cleaner, slitting tool, core stripper or even Big Jake™.

If you're in a paperboard, folding carton or boxboard plant you might call it any of the above or more likely: roll stripper, roll stock cutter, roll ripper, EZ Rip™, EZ Cut™ or plastic roll splitter.

If you work on a web press in the packaging, newspaper or packaging industry maybe you refer to it as a web knife, roll stripper, outer wrap stripper, butt roll stripper, core slabber, roll slitter or mill roll slitter.

In many paper, film and foil converting plants, it's used as a film slitter, butt roll slitter, paper stripper, foil cutter, roll stock stripper or butt roll stripper.

Whatever you call it, the Duckbill Reel Slabber is engineered for long and prolonged use. The contoured shoulder of the tool is ergonomically designed to nest in the palm of the slabbers hand.

The design ergonomically optimizes slabbing power without compromising control. The compound set of curves on the leading edge and their engineered radius work to first lift, and then separate the plies of paper, film or foil for an easy, straight and clean peel. The design also puts an end to inadvertently stripping-off more plies than required to unwrap a new reel or clean up a damaged roll. Even the most experienced tender can't control the vertical slitting depth of a steel blade, or compensate for the under-performance of a melted plastic stripper.

The proprietary Duckbill blend of heat resistant engineered themoplastic and reinforced fiberglass is so dense that the tool can be "machined" with sandpaper into a web-specific custom shape. And it's so rugged that it outlasts plastic strippers 5 to 1 on paperboard and boxboard webs, and 8 to 1 on lightweight paper, film and foil webs. The melting point is 480F so plastic-free mills use it without worries over contamination. And the material has a specific density of 1.38 – assuring that it sinks if it ever enters the trasher/repulper.

Duckbill has engineered and crafted a high quality, multi-purpose Duckbll SPMM™ (Single Platform: Many Modules) holster to protect your task-specific and mission-critical hand tools – no matter what you call them.






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  Duckbill Engineered Thermoplastic/ RFP Blend
Paper Stripper / Reel Slabber
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