We deal with professionals and their tools. As a professional who is wearing and accessing their gear all day long, wear and tear, and banging and knocking their tools and their tool belts through all kinds of weather and temperature conditions is just par for the course. So, when it came time to choose the material to use for our modules, Duckbill's extensive research and testing found that as good as leather is, there is a material that is far superior. And that material is Nytek.Nytek

The same space-age chemistry used to develop bulllet-proof glass and high performance aircraft components has been successfully applied to fiber and textile engineering to produce the outstanding characteristics of Nytek. The sophisticated technology used to make Nytek has created a product which is the closest reproduction to the natural and complex structure of leather that exists today.

Nytek is not woven or knitted, rather super thin nylon fibers are laid down in a random orientation to produce an intricate webbed matrix. In fact, one ounce of this nylon microfiber would be long enough to wrap around the equator several times. These specially-formed, high performance nylon fibers are nearly indistringuishable from the collagen fibers of leather.

This innovative technological achievement has resulted in a product which is both lighweight and inherently strong. This microfiber matrix formation is in fact stronger than leather on a strength to weight basis. Genuine leather having the same tensile strength would weigh nearly three times more.

Like leather, Nytek is dense as well as microporous, allowing water vapor and heat to pass through. Because Nytek is breathable, heat is dissipated in warm weather and retained in cold weather. The nylon composition gives the material the same permeability to air and moisture found in high quality leathers.

Like fine glove leather, Nytek offers outstanding durability and tremendous flexibility. The inherent features of nylon allow it to be the perfect material to meet those demanding applications where comfort and performance are paramount. The ease of cleanability which has been a hallmark of the nylon fiber story is an integral part of Nytek.



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