Using Velcro®.

The Duckbill platform and docking concepts combine to form the MaxCon™ technology which is a simple concept utilizing the bonding strength of Velcro®. The Duckbill anchor belt and the Duckbill patrol belt both utilize 360° Velcro® coverage resulting in a cross-link between the two ensuring that maximum contact is achieved and maintained at all times.


Using a clamshell docking design.

Duckbill accessory modules also utilize Velcro® in a unique "clamshell docking" design. This overlapping principle securely attaches the modules to the belts. Repositioning is simply done by "unfolding" the clamshell and relocating the module. This design imparts the necessary rigidity to the belt while the belt itself remains pliable. The result is a more comfortable but stable duty belt platform because the accessory modules now participate actively as an additional stabilizing force on the duty belt.


Using the whole waist.

The belts and modules, regardless of size, weight or quantity, interlock completely and comfortably around the complete circumference of the officer's waist allowing for ergonomic flexibility regardless of body type, frame size or gender. In addition, the complete 360° bond allows the weight of the accessories to be evenly distributed around the entire circumference of the officer –unlike the use of keepers, which carry the weight only at the point of the keeper attachment. This technology ensures that modules will never shift or slide, even when the duty belt is removed.This technology also allows the user to fine-tune the position of the modules for allocation of the module and accessory weight that best suits the individual –all the time knowing that whatever position is chosen, the module will never shift or creep or move on the belt.


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