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It doesn't matter where the pain is, only that you experience it. And we know you experience it because you've told us. But did you know that you, or your work force, are less productive then you ought to be because of these pains? On average, any worker carrying 6-20 lbs. of gear on their body is off the job 5-6 days a year because of Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSDs).

So for the electrical contractor, industrial maintenance & warehouse worker, police, EMC & homeland security professional, communications lineman, ground or wind turbine maintenance crew or anyone carrying the weight of tools, devices or instruments on their body, this means lost revenue, increased health care costs as well as lost efficiency and productivity on the job due to these MSDs.

The Duckbill product is more than a tool belt with modules - its a professional, industrial grade, rugged and ergonomic tool carrying system that utilizes our tool belt (with or without suspenders) and our patented MaxCon™ docking technology together with dozens of modules and holsters to establish a stable, convenient and comfortable way to carry a heavy load around all day.

3 platforms, 3 solutions.

The SPMM Platform
For the professional carrying a tool and gear load of more than 12 lbs, we recommend our SPMM™ (Single Platform: Many Modules) Platform.

The Agility Platform
For carrying less than 12 lbs, our
Agility Platform is a smart option.

The Mobility Max Platform
If you need to access tools while wearing a fall protection harness, our
MobilityMax Platform is a one-of-a-kind tool and gear carrying solution.

The principle behind all of our platforms is to keep the user as erect as possible throughout the work day and reduce the number of bending, twisting, lifting and shearing events. And because of our MaxCon docking technology, you're able to easily position, or reposition our modules around our platform, and hence position the weight you carry to wherever the most comfortable place is on your body. And because of our full connectivity between module and belt, or module and suspender, a more stable platform that "suspends" and evenly distributes all the weight you carry is created – leading to a much more comfortable and productive work day.

Why you experience pain and discomfort.

Most of today's tool belts and accessory module platforms use a belt-through-slots solution. This, however, allows the modules to shift and "creep" along the belt during the course of the day. And when the weight of tools is improperly allocated around the waist and the allocation isn't maintained throughout the day, it causes the user to compensate in unnatural and unintended ways. With too much weight in the front, the body compensates by pulling backward against the weight causing pelvic rotation and the hyperextension of the spine resulting in pain and discomfort. With too much weight on one side of the body, the overcompensation puts strain, hyperextension and twist on the spine leading to back pain. A belt that is cinched to tight can cause circulatory problems.

For more information on the causes and drawbacks of improper tool and gear weight distribution, click HERE.

Our solution is a simple one.

Duckbill has developed a platform and docking concept that combine to form our patented MaxCon™ docking technology. This is a simple concept utilizing the bonding strength of Velcro®. Our Duckbill belt and suspenders have the "hook" portion of Velcro® sewn onto it. And with the overlapping clamshell docking design of our modules, they adhere securely to the belt or suspender with the "fabric" portion of Velcro®.

With this docking method every module that is positioned on our platform remains in place without any movement along our belt or suspenders. This creates a stable, ergonomic platform that reduces the stesses and discomfort associated with other platforms.

For more information on the benefits of Duckbill's ergonomic tool and gear weight distribution, click HERE.


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